Frederick Jones


In 1974, Mr Jones was a founder shareholder of Marc Rich + Co A.G., Switzerland, which today is known as ‘Glencore Plc’, the largest company in Switzerland by revenue (US$205 Billion, 2017).

Mr Jones also founded “Delfin LNG” in 2013, a company focussed on developing energy infrastructure assets in the United States of America.

Alex Cho


Alex Cho is COO at Kayco International Co Ltd and brings with him over 25 years of experience in the IT industry. He has served in many capacities from Engineer to Executive. Not only does Alex have hands-on technical experience, he was also successful in several acquisitions. Alex has worked in both Public and Private Sectors and has worked for start-ups to numerous Fortune 50 companies.

Arnold Salinas


By specialising in the natural resources space, Arnold Salinas has gained considerable experience in the midstream, upstream and oilfield services sectors in the Texas Gulf region. Arnold has held senior level positions with Millennium Energy of Texas, and was a Senior Advisor to Deeprock Energy.

Brandon Bello


Brandon Bello is President and Managing Member of Cypress Eagle LLC. Prior to founding Cypress Eagle in 2014, Brandon was Vice President of Commercial Development at Texon L.P. in Houston, Texas. Through various roles in engineering, asset optimisation, business development and liquids marketing, Brandon’s career has covered the ground of petrochemicals, butadiene, VCM, petrochemical feedstocks, fuels blending, logistics, NGL marketing, and midstream business development. Brandon’s past experience for Bridgestone, Dow, Enterprise, Crosstex, and Texon has led to a depth of knowledge both in the upstream and downstream values of production and new market development. Brandon has served on the Board of Directors of the Petrochemical Feedstocks Association of the Americas, and as President of the organisation from 2010 to 2012. Brandon holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Louisiana State University.

Len Thompson


Len Thompson has over 25 years experience in the energy sector through ventures that focused on the development of large offshore energy projects, such as the Sable Offshore Energy Project. He was also a founder of a company that developed a safe and efficient technology for natural gas transportation on land and at sea. He has worked with global players such as Trans Canada Pipeline Corp, Overseas Ship Holding Group and others via The Floating Pipeline Company – successful in commercialising its CNG land-based system in a number of countries and receiving worldwide approval of the Marine CNG system by Class authorities such as ABS and Lloyds. Solving problems with supply and transportation mechanisms of natural gas and its reserves meant building relationships with technology players, investment partners and reserve operators worldwide; Len brings those skills and relationships to Ample Power Investments.

Kewal Devani


Kewal Devani has over 20 years experience in private banking, capital raising and project management. In the last eight years Kewal set up a company that has successfully introduced companies into the African market and has guided them through to growth. He has also established a petroleum trading company focused on finished products.

Daniel KB Yang


Daniel Yang is CEO at Kayco International Co Ltd which he started in 2016, backed by his experience in the energy sector during his time in the UK from 2001-12.  He also served as an advisor to National Oil Corporation in Korea for international operations.  Daniel and his team of brokers in USA have both personal and professional relationships with many of the major suppliers in West Africa, Iraq, Colombia and USA.

Project Management Team

  • Su Wen Jin, Jerry

    Jerry has a qualification in International Trade & Economics from Xiamen University.

    Jerry was General Manager of Xiamen Jinlite Industrial Co Ltd from 2004-2010, responsible for export/import of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, coal and iron ore.

    Jerry was General Manager/Director of Xiamen Quanchen Industrial Group Co Ltd from 2010-2015, responsible for local sales for coal and iron ore.

    Since 2015, Jerry has been Executive Director of MPF Asia PTE Ltd, responsible for local sales of crude, refine products and LNG.

  • Alfred Wong

    Alfred Wong holds a Bachelor Degree in Materials Engineering from University of New South Wales, Australia.

    Alfred has over 20 years’ experiences in project management for large scale manufacturing operations.

    For the last seven years Alfred has successfully set up and managed the manufacturing operation for medical devices of Titron Group.

    In addition, Alfred carries out project management for API.

  • Dilys Chu

    Dilys Chu is the Assistant to Mr Alvin Yip and she holds a Bachelor Degree of Business Administration from Heriot-Watt University, UK.

    Dilys has over 20 years’ working experiences in accounting; 10 years in follow-up works and deals with connections for the commodities sector.

    She monitors daily operations for Titron Group as well as follow-up and preparation of business and financial analysis for new projects of API, including liaising with bankers and external auditors as well as Company set up.