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Alvin Yip

Chairman and CEO

Alvin Yip is an entrepreneur with 35 years experience in a variety of industries ranging from high-end technology investment incorporating large scale manufacturing operations, to state-of-the-art maritime transportation. This has now evolved to incorporate the latest gas and LNG bunkering technologies to meet global trends and demands.

A proven leading executive with strategic business vision, Alvin’s global, cross-sector and cross culture success makes him an excellent fit for the current fast changing oil and gas sector.

Mei Leung

Executive Director and CFO

Mei Leung has over 25 years experience in structuring sophisticated commercial transactions in mergers and acquisitions, capital raising for private and listed companies, takeovers, new issues, and in sponsoring public stock offerings.

Numerous corporate finance and related transactions have been concluded over the years under Mei’s guidance.

Saeed Harandi

Executive Director

Saeed Harandi has over 25 years experience in the energy sector, from futures to physical trading of oil and related products. He began his career in 1990 as a co-founder of Swiss Finance Corp Ltd, a brokerage company with a seat on the International Petroleum Exchange, specialising in oil futures trading.

Along the way, Saeed also co-founded Reef Asset Management, an emerging market asset management company.

Frederick Jones


In 1974, Mr Jones was a founder shareholder of Marc Rich + Co A.G., Switzerland, which today is known as ‘Glencore Plc’, the largest company in Switzerland by revenue (US$205 Billion, 2017).

Mr Jones also founded “Delfin LNG” in 2013, a company focussed on developing energy infrastructure assets in the United States of America.

Stuart Patton

Stuart Patton’s background is mainly in corporate business development working in large and small firms at board levels, sectors covering, manufacturing, medical, mobile, digital and now Edtech. He has been based in Asia for 15 years, the last three years of which he has been working closely with Finland and Finnish Edtech and the startup scene. He is the co-founder of Polkuni HK, a Hong Kong and Helsinki brand that is both an investment and market activation company – linking the best Finnish education products to the Asian markets. Stuart is also the co-creator of a Helsinki-based company called KOKOA standard, the first company in the world to carry out evaluations of Edtech products to determine their educational quality. To date, KOKOA has evaluated products from 23 countries. Stuart is also the Chairman of the FinnCham education committee in Hong Kong whose goal is to raise awareness of the Finnish education system. He is also vice Chair of the FinnCham board in Hong Kong.

Alongside his portfolio of roles, Stuart is a mentor and advisor to education based entities in Finland, and to Hong Kong and Malaysia based entities who are adopting Finnish educational approaches and philosophy.

Len Thompson


Len Thompson has over 25 years experience in the energy sector through ventures that focused on the development of large offshore energy projects, such as the Sable Offshore Energy Project. He was also a founder of a company that developed a safe and efficient technology for natural gas transportation on land and at sea. He has worked with global players such as Trans Canada Pipeline Corp, Overseas Ship Holding Group and others via The Floating Pipeline Company – successful in commercialising its CNG land-based system in a number of countries and receiving worldwide approval of the Marine CNG system by Class authorities such as ABS and Lloyds. Solving problems with supply and transportation mechanisms of natural gas and its reserves meant building relationships with technology players, investment partners and reserve operators worldwide; Len brings those skills and relationships to Ample Power Investments.

Ports Development and Construction

Through our partner BMT, API offers a series of services to help customers assess, develop, optimise and maintain port facilities – all from conception through to operation.


BMT TITRON also has detailed knowledge of future developments and processes in the FLNG and FSRU fields.

HMS / Growell


HMS Bergbau AG, established over 40 years ago, is a globally operating company specialised in reliable, ‘just-in-time’ deliveries of coal products to power stations, cement producers and other industrial consumers.

Visit the HMS website


Growell Resources and Management Pvt. Ltd. (Growell), is an India-based company specialised in the field of exports and imports of various commodities such as fertilisers, chemicals, minerals, metals, steel, petroleum products, cement, and coal. Growell has been trading since 1990.

Visit the Growell Resources website

API, HMS and Growell have a joint venture for the development of coal mining assets, as well as global coal trading.

Cypress Eagle LLC

Cypress Eagle LLC is a Texas registered company which acts as a gateway for the purchase and sales of crude oil and related products such as liquids, natural gas, NGLs and condensate. Cypress Eagle also handles logistic management, midstream connectivity and access to premium downstream domestic and export markets.

Cypress Eagle is one of API’s strategic oil and gas supply and trading partners.

Visit the Cypress Eagle LLC website

API has an alliance with Cypress Eagle for midstream gathering of US crude and liquids for the domestic market.


A joint venture between TITRON Group of Hong Kong and BMT Group of the UK. Mr Alvin Yip is the controlling Stakeholder and Chairman of this joint venture. BMT TITRON (UK) Ltd (BTUK) operates globally from its Ship Design Centre, close to the River Tyne in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK, a historic maritime location. 

BTUK uses the latest design technologies and innovations to design and develop specialist ships and marine transport. BTUK is a specialist in bunkering and transportation of LNG – ranging from 3,000m3 to 17,000m3 and transportation of up to 40,000m3 for local markets. 

The association makes API a leader in logistics and technology in maritime and infrastructure solutions, particularly in the LNG sector.

Visit the BMT TITRON website

BMT Group is a leading international design, engineering, science and risk management consultancy with a reputation for engineering excellence. BMT believes there is always room to refine and improve – setting new standards in safety, speed and efficiency. 

With around 1,500 professionals located in 47 offices in the Americas, Asia, Australia and Europe, BMT draws upon a wide range of experience and expertise to provide high-quality, high-value products and services.

BMT’s combination of intellectual rigour and commercial insight has helped the Company to play an important and increasing role in industries as diverse as oil and gas, defence, renewable energy, ports, risk management and maritime transport.

Visit the BMT Group website

Energy Global Services FZE

Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (“Energy Global”)

Energy Global was founded by Frederick Jones, a 40-year veteran of the international commodity trading business, to consolidate his investment and operating interests in the world-wide energy sector.

In 1974, Mr Jones was a founder shareholder of Marc Rich + Co A.G., Switzerland, which today is known as ‘Glencore Plc’, the largest company in Switzerland by revenue (US$205 Billion, 2017).

Mr Jones has also founded and developed other Asian energy businesses in the infrastructure sector.

API has a strategic alliance with Energy Global to access the considerable experience and acumen of Mr Jones in developing API’s commodity trading and global energy investment projects.

Mr Jones also founded “Delfin LNG” in 2013, a company focussed on developing energy infrastructure assets in the United States of America.  Delfin LNG is developing the first floating liquefied natural gas production vessels (FLNGVs) in North America and is fully permitted by the United States Department of Energy to export U.S. natural gas in liquefied form to countries having Free Trade Agreements or Non-Free Trade Agreements with the United States.  The project consists of an existing subsea pipeline that will transport U.S. natural gas from Cameron Parish, Louisiana to the Delfin LNG Deepwater Port, which is located up to 50 miles off the coast of Louisiana and will be the site of up to 4 FLNGVs.

Visit the Delfin LNG website

Stephen Valelly

Stephen Valelly is currently a Managing Director for XO Wealth Management, LLC, a registered investment advisor managing the financial affairs of global HNWIs. In the past he has been Principal and Partner of Coral Rock Investments, Inc., a CFTC registered firm advising institutional clients such as Merrill Lynch, Chase Manhattan, and Coutts and Co. on their currency related products. In addition, Stephen was President of BankBoston International and held management responsibility for the bank’s international private bank and Edge Act units in Cayman, Bahamas, Miami, Boston, New York and Los Angeles.

Heinz-Dieter Waffel

Heinz-Dieter Waffel is Senior Partner and Chief Executive Officer of AllMerus Energy Ltd. Prior to becoming an investment professional at AllMerus, he had a successful career as a senior executive at a string of major international utilities companies. He was Head of Sales and Trading and on the Management Board of the largest German utility, E.ON, Chief Commercial Officer of Preussen Elektra, and prior to that ran the 30GW wholesale operations of the Tennessee Valley Authority. He also helped establish, and was Chairman of the Board, of the European Energy Exchange.